I record spontaneous videos from wherever I am with life lessons, encouragement and entrepreneurial help. View them here.


Road to Freedom Tour:

This explains why I’m riding my bicycle alone through America. I do it for them. 





Reba in JailThe Pros and the Cons:

I surprised multi-award winning novelist, Susan May Warren, by showing up to a My Book Therapy staff meeting to discuss the pros and the cons in a convict costume.



nt Pleasant-20120430-00108

A Dream Come True: Interview With Novelist Beth K. Vogt

Beth’s second novel, Catch a Falling Star, releases on May 7, 2013. This is an inspiring interview with her the day her debut novel, Wish You Were Here, hit the bookshelves. 





Message in a BottleThe Journey:

Four things every entrepreneur needs to have a successful journey. Using the bustling business district as a backdrop, I provide easy to follow steps to help you startFilmed on the Riverfront in downtown Savannah, GA.





Sunlight Shining Through Forest

The Corner Office:

I share my history and roots of growing up poor and working my way to the corner office, only to find I was in the wrong building. I hated my job because I have the heart of an entrepreneur.  Filmed in the St. Johns River marsh at the Roosevelt Preserve in Jacksonville, FL




Footbridge Spanning the Base of a Valley

An Entrepreneur’s Heart:

Entrepreneurs are different. There are literally thousands of entrepreneurs walking around denying it because of fear. Fear of failure. Fear of success. Fear of the unknown. I contrast your past and current life with what could be and help you find the courage to pursue your dream. Filmed on location at an abandoned textile mill in South Carolina.



Graduates Lifting MortarboardsThe Great I Am. 

I had the privilege of providing an impromptu speech to a college graduating class in Orlando, Florida.