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In His Steps

Jeffrey rolled down the road into the evening sunset in his Peterbilt. He’d been a trucker for twenty years and loved the open road. With country music playing in the background, his thoughts went to his mother. She died when he was sixteen and after bouncing around for a couple of years, he began driving […]

Shatter the Night

I quickly checked the weather report before departing for my new pick up point. It would be dark by the time I trucked the sixty miles east to Lexington, Nebraska. The weather reports promised some rain and winds to 30mph, well within the limits to drive with an empty trailer. So I rolled. Ten miles […]

Where the Wind Blows

I awoke from a night of being tossed around by an ever-increasing wind. What had rocked me into a blissful slumber in the darkness was about to become a most formidable foe. I dismissed my first proposed load. It had six stops, three of which were early in the morning in downtown Chicago. I do […]

The Apocalypse, Day 2

Moriarty, New Mexico to Springville, Utah   The day started at two in the morning. It didn’t matter. I wasn’t sleeping anyway. High winds had rocked my truck for hours. Each time I mustered the courage to peak outside the curtain, snow and sleet swirled and pummeled my metal cocoon. The roads were clear so […]

The Road Less Traveled

You have followed me for the last three years that I’ve taken the road less traveled, first on the Road to Freedom bicycle tour, then from behind the wheel of a BIG rig. Many of you have wondered how I can do it. Most of you ask why I do what I do. So, as […]

When the Bottom Falls Out

I inched my way through the predawn fog to pick up my orange juice in downtown Houston. I’d run it to San Antonio for an early afternoon delivery. Two hundred easy miles out Interstate 10. On the surface it sounded like a dream trip. But I knew better. I’d already looked at the satellite views […]

Driven by What’s Inside

Those who follow my blog know I write stories of amazing people who do extraordinary things as part of their daily life. Today is not different. That being said, I feel I must set this story up just a bit.  A friend, mentor and fellow trucker, Dee Sova, recently posted a picture on Facebook of […]

Stuck in the Mud

Those of you who follow me in social media know that last week I got stuck in the middle of nowhere in Illinois. No, I didn’t get a layover without a load. I literally got my eighteen wheeler riveted and rutted in six inches of mud that lurked just beneath the nice, neat gravel in […]

Open Road… Open Mind…

People marvel that I would leave the “real” world behind and become a “Trucker Babe”. After all, truckers are grizzly characters, right? Ummm, not so much. Since taking to the open road, I’ve met nuclear engineers, doctors, former vice presidents of major corporations, and an attorney. Each of them traded in their corner offices and […]