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A Blast From Two Pasts

I drove Dillon across the bridge on US 41 south into Henderson, Kentucky as memories played in my mind. Four short years ago I’d ridden into the town on the Ohio River during the Road to Freedom Tour. It had been a place like no other. But I was headed to a nearby town to […]

Forever Joplin

The sun peaked over the rolling hills to the east as I pounded the pavement on my early morning run in Joplin, Missouri. A cool, gentle breeze kissed my cheeks as birds sang out to encourage me to continue my trek. I rounded a corner into a neighborhood just as a little old lady was […]

Open Road… Open Mind…

People marvel that I would leave the “real” world behind and become a “Trucker Babe”. After all, truckers are grizzly characters, right? Ummm, not so much. Since taking to the open road, I’ve met nuclear engineers, doctors, former vice presidents of major corporations, and an attorney. Each of them traded in their corner offices and […]

What If?

Okay, I know I said I’d be taking all of December off from blogging but it’s just too close to the start of a brand new year to not check in. First, thank you all so much for your kind words, emails, calls, text messages you’ve been sending. I appreciate your connection and your prayers. […]

It’s a Good Morning!

As you read this I’m most likely flexing my knee and loving being reunited with Dakota. Yesterday I road from south Jacksonville to Orange Park and connected with BiknJeanne one more time for some fine tuning on Dakota. Too bad Jeanne didn’t have a tool to fine tune my knee. After lunch, she showed me […]

It’s Not About the Bike

Since I began this Road to Freedom Bicycle Tour across America, I’ve said that it’s not about the bike. It’s about getting into the lives and hearts of the women who I come in contact with day after day whose lives are changed. They have been liberated, healed and have gained courage to face their […]

On the Road Again…

While you’re reading this, I’m back on the road, leaving Mississippi for the last time on this trip. I’m pushing north, through Tennessee, Kentucky and Indiana to arrive in Indianapolis on September 11th, just 35 days from now. I will never forget my trip through Corinth. To me personally, it is as history-making as it […]