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Forever Joplin

The sun peaked over the rolling hills to the east as I pounded the pavement on my early morning run in Joplin, Missouri. A cool, gentle breeze kissed my cheeks as birds sang out to encourage me to continue my trek. I rounded a corner into a neighborhood just as a little old lady was […]

2014 Road to Freedom: It’s All About YOU!

If you’ve followed my blog for any length of time, you know that I spent most of 2013 preparing for and pedaling across America on the Road to Freedom Tour> I was able to help women across the country who are victims of violent assault. It was the most amazing adventure of my life. I […]

Starting All Over Again

Yesterday I went for an early morning walk in the cold. I’m in a new climate and the only way I can acclimate is to actually be out in it. So, I put on all my Florida “winter wear” and took to the roads in the 20 degree morning refrigerator. A half hour later, I […]

Thirty Seconds to Live

While on my six day bus trip into the wild, wild west, I met Clara. She was a runner who had spent years under the fist of an abusive husband. A broken jaw and two missing teeth were the final straw and the catalyst that caused her to flee.  I sat in silence as she […]

Six Days…

I bet you’ve been wondering where I’ve been this last week. Well, I slept for forty-eight straight hours. Why? Because I was up and traveling across the country for six days without any sleep. I left Florida, crossed two states and did something I had not done since 1971. I boarded a bus heading west. […]

13,300,560 Minutes Ago Today

It was a cold November night in Northern Florida twenty-nine years ago today that my life changed forever. I was abducted from a parking lot by a total stranger and beaten, raped and humiliated.  Today, though I still have scars, the pain no longer remains. Today, I reach out to other women who suffered through […]

Tuesdays at Tiffany’s

Okay, first of all, I didn’t leave Florida like my last blog post suggests. Here’s why. Dakota needed some adjustments and I wasn’t comfortable hitting the road until some things had been checked out. That took up most of the morning and into the early afternoon. Then, I got a weather report that a very […]

Tribute to the Godmother of Cyclo-Touring

Dakota, Bob (my new trailer) and I set out on a shake down ride of sorts today. I met BiknJeanne Hargrave for one final ride before I set off again for parts unknown on the Road to Freedom Tour. We reminesced about our tours together. She is responsible to getting me into touring in the […]

Blending into Nothing

Yesterday was a dreary day where I am. Clouds and drizzly rain with the temperatures in the upper 60’s were hardly the perfect photo op for a postcard. So I walked three miles to a local bagel place, pulled out my I-pad mini and got lost in a book. After a while I noticed that […]

Quest for Freedom

On Saturday, I rode Dakota to a nearby eatery and met one of my favorite people in the world: Jane Young Hill. We embraced in a long awaited reunion and grabbed a table outside. Not only was the weather breathtaking, but it was much more quiet than inside the restaurant. We caught up on each […]