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Just a Few Things I’ve Learned So Far

I’m am so blessed right now to have a respite. Fellow author Suzy Parish and her husband, Chet, have invited me into their home. Truth be told, they are spoiling me. I slept like a log last night in spite of a sprained shoulder and cracked rib. My body is very happy to not be […]

Go/No Go For Launch

I’m down to final days (hours, really) before launching my bicycle tour. I now know how NASA feels when they are getting ready to send a rocket into outer space. After living in Florida for 40+ years, I’ve grown accustomed to hearing the “Go/No Go For Launch” pre-flight commitment from each area of the mission. […]

If it Could Go Wrong…

In preparation for my trip, I’ve taken several rides-with and without gear- to make sure everything is in working order. It’s a critical function when getting ready to pedal off into the sunset. Miss a step and I could wind up stranded in the middle of nowhere with a bike that won’t budge. On the […]

Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

When I announced last Saturday on my blog that I’m riding cross country on my bicycle, two things immediately happened. My inbox filled with well wishes, kudos and stories from women who suffer from PTSD and other anxiety. And, I was bombarded with an endless array of questions. It seems most folks don’t know someone […]

My New Adventure Announcement: Pedaling With Purpose

You may have noticed a couple of changes to my website lately. There’s a good reason. I’m following my own advice to find my own true north. I think it fitting to share this with my followers on the day after America celebrated our independence. I’m getting ready to do something that may astound you. […]

Let Freedom Ring!

If you turn on the TV and listen for an hour, you might conclude that America has lost its freedom. With strong political views on both sides of the fence, it’s difficult to know who’s right. That’s why I try always to do two things: 1) Other than exercising my right to vote, I stay […]

What I’ve Learned From Drover’s Run

These days, by the time darkness descends upon the day (usually 9:00pm where I am), I’m ready to catch a movie and give my mind a much needed rest. If I’m not reading, Netflix on my computer has become my evening ritual.  About six weeks ago, I was exploring and found an Australian TV series […]

Getting Worse Before Better is By Design

How many times have you heard “It will get worse before it gets better?” And when you hear it, the dread takes over. If you have a choice, you abandon the pursuit. After all, it’s pretty darn challenging right now. If you’re in the recovery room having just had surgery, you have no choice. You’ll […]

Never Give Up!

I have to admit, I’ve been tempted to give up on my blog for the last two weeks. I’ve faced all sorts of challenges since WordPress became MojoMarketplace. I have been sorely tempted to toss my computer in the river and never look back. But then I thought of you. I remember the notes, emails […]

Your Heart is a Hunter

We live in a world of instant technology. We think that anything we could possible want to know or possess is right at our fingertips. Who would have thought you would be able to sit at a computer, type in an address into Google maps and use satellite imagery see what color paint a total […]