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Your Heart is a Hunter

We live in a world of instant technology. We think that anything we could possible want to know or possess is right at our fingertips. Who would have thought you would be able to sit at a computer, type in an address into Google maps and use satellite imagery see what color paint a total […]

My Six Seasons of Life

When I was six, time stood still. I waited for what seemed like centuries for Christmas, birthdays and summer vacation. Towns were safe, people were honest and life was whatever I imagined it to be. At sixteen, I knew everything and wasn’t the least bit shy about sharing my knowledge with anyone who would listen. […]

Today, I Choose to Be Generous

Give and it shall be given unto you. That’s what the Good Book says. But, is it true? Well, let me ask you a question. Honestly, would it matter? When you give of yourself, your treasure, your time and your gifts you assume your natural role in the universe. But, indeed it is true. I […]

Today, I Choose to be Passionate

There is a force that is more powerful than the space shuttle used to be as it blasted past gravitational pull and into outer space. That force is not rocket fuel. It’s passion. I’m sure you’ve run across someone in your life who is absolutely on fire. They seem to have endless energy. Their eyes […]

Today, I Choose to Be Disciplined

Okay. Now I’ve done it. You were humming right along with choosing to be grateful, happy and courageous and then I had to go and toss in discipline. You’re pretty mad at me, aren’t you? Most people rank discipline right up there with castor oil and flu shots. You know it’s good for you but […]

The Limitless Human Spirit

My allergies kicked up after my return to Florida from Colorado so I spent the weekend in my recliner chair. I watched a documentary series about scaling Mount Everest. Call me crazy but I watch hours and hours of footage. I was mesmerized. First, since you all know I’m an adventurer, let me get one […]

I Can’t Look Okay and Be Creative!

I’m getting ready to video an interview that will be presented to a group of professionals in Denver a couple of weeks from now. I was in the middle of creating my interview questions and dreaming of all the bells and whistles I could add to spruce it up. Hey, call it a residential hazard […]

It’s Never Too Late!

I hear individuals all the time saying they wish they would have done something earlier in life, because now it’s too late. I can understand that if you wanted to be a child idol and you’re 35. I’d say that dream is gone. If you want to be a wide receiver for the NFL and […]

You’ve Been Robbed!

It’s true. You have been held up and robbed at lifepoint. Things in life have stripped you of one valuable minute after the other until you find yourself in the emotional poor house. And, to add insult to injury, it’s not even against the law! Most everyone seems to accept this thievery as, well, just […]

When Something is Amiss

I love football. NFL. College. High School. Backyard pickup game. It doesn’t matter. I’m there. Yesterday I realized I’ve not watched an entire football game this season. Something just isn’t right. Can’t put my finger on it but something is out of kilter. Our lives are like that sometimes. That which we hold dear seems […]