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Life is Like a Chunk of Wood

I’m a woodcarver. I love to take a chunk of wood and shape it into something I can hang on my wall. Life is a lot like that chunk of wood and shape it into something I can hang on my wall. Life is a lot like that chunk of wood. Here’s what I’ve learned […]

Five Reasons Why You Should NOT Quit!

Yesterday I talked about the five reasons people quit pursuing their dreams. Today, I want to flip the coin and discuss the other side. In my blog post, Three Feet From Gold, I talk about how close a person may be to their dream when they abandon it. It’s sad, really, but fortunately you don’t […]

A Friend in Need

I wanted to do some things with my website. Trouble is, I couldn’t figure out how to do it.  I can do this, I thought. But then I wondered how many precious hours—or even days—it would take before I accomplished it. My good friend, @EdieMelson, did what a real friend would do. She told me […]

Why Not Do What You’d Love to Do?

  I know there is something inside you that you would do…if things were different. You keep the dream tucked inside you and rationalize that you’ll pull it out, maybe when the kids are grown. Or when things slow down at work and you’re not dead-dog tired when you drag yourself home at the end […]

Stop Forgetting Your Life

There is a lot of focus these days on preventing and coping with dementia as a person ages. It’s difficult to deal with or even imagine ending one’s life not being able to remember the splendor of it. While I would not make light of that condition at all, I realized that even those of […]

Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway!

Several years ago, I had big dreams but when it came to acting on them, I was terrified. I didn’t believe in myself and I had a lot of people who provided daily doses of negative reinforcement. It seemed I would move forward to the point where the adrenaline kicked in and my hands began […]