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Three Feet From Gold!

  Back during the California gold rush, R.U. Darby and his uncle set out to strike it rich. A relative had discovered what was believed to be a vein of gold. So Darby and his uncle set out to mine it. At first, it appeared they had a prosperous find but it soon disappeared. They […]

Being a WIT-ty Person

Yesterday I made the trek from Huntsville to Dallas, Texas with eight other women. One van left earlier than we left. They loaded their sparse belongings into the roomy vehicle and set off toward the Big D. There were five of us left and not one had thought to load some of our things into […]

What to Do When Things Go Wrong

I have a favorite airline. Perhaps you do too. But recently, due to my destination airport, I was not able to fly it. So, I had to drudge through putting up with an alternate one.  I was primed for a bad experience and that’s exactly what happened. Moment after eternal moment, the horror of a […]

No Wonder!

Yesterday my BlackBerry alarmed, reminding me that I had two back-to-back webinars. I opened my calendar and suddenly noticed something I’d not realized before. No joke, the names of the webinars were:   Five Essential Elements to a Highly Profitable Niche   And   The Niche Conspiracy: How to Ditch the Niche for Good!  I […]

The Hero in You

Last night I watched a documentary about those on the 88th Floor of the World Trade Center after the jet flew into it. There were two individuals—just normal, everyday people—who saved dozens of lives by being heroes.   No, it was not their job. They were suits. They just did what they knew to be […]

We Will Never Forget

Eleven years ago today, in an unprecedented act of terrorism, America fell under attack. Men, women and children lost their lives at the hands of the enemy. Our lives would never be the same. It was a beautiful September morning. I had just returned from my morning run and turned on the news as I […]

A New Season Begins

Yesterday marked the beginning of the new NFL football season… and a season of change. Well known players donned the uniform of a new team. Coaches who had been fired at the end of last season now called plays for once fierce competitors. Commentators’ eyes looked glazed and their comments were like reading out loud […]

Killing Time; a Dangerous Pursuit

I grew up in a slower time. Summers seem to stretch on forever. My friends and I would go down to the creek on a lazy Sunday afternoon. We’d skip rocks across the water, swing from a rope, splash into the deep end, and dry off in the sunshine while gazing at clouds. When I […]

Life is Like a Hurricane

As you may know, Floridians just went through preparing for and waiting out Hurricane Isaac. Since I’ve lived in Florida for over 40 years, I’ve learned a lot over those decades, wisdom that I’ve carried over into my personal goals. Here are a few. You have to plan, plan, plan. I know that may sound […]

Hating the Taste of the Elephant

I’ve never been one for pat answers. You know, those infamous proclamations others make when you’re going through a particularly difficult challenge: What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. There’s always a silver lining behind each cloud. The way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time.   Well, that’s just lovely, […]