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Road to Freedom 2.0 Begins!

They said it wouldn’t happen. They told me my tour was over. And yet, 54 days after I was sidelined from injury, Road to Freedom 2.0 begins! When I sat on the side of Highway 62 in Indiana dizzy and nauseous from a torn ligament in my knee, I have to admit, I wasn’t sure […]

Such an Outpouring!

On Saturday, I made a special announcement on my blog. If you missed it, check it out here. I am days away from departing on a solo, cross country bicycle tour to help women who suffer from PTSD.  Before Saturday, I had only shared my plans with 12 people who I could trust to support […]

[Podcast]Finding True North, Episode 001: A Reason to Hope

I’m so excited to bring to you the very first episode of Finding True North. Today’s episode shows how hope comes in the midst of turmoil and devastation. It tells how a simple game of softball breathed hope back into the lives and hearts of those in Oklahoma.   Would you share this with your friends? […]

[Podcast] Women of Passion, Episode 009: The Big Split

  In today’s episode, I make an announcement regarding my podcast that I think you will be excited about. Also, since it is the week of Memorial Day, I give a patriotic tribute to America.    

Draw Close to the Flame

In December, I spent several days exploring the beautiful state of Colorado. Very different from my humid, plush green central Florida, I was surrounded by dry desert. I was amazed at how different the landscape was and how I didn’t gush sweat when I ran. I was immersed in a land rich in history from […]

When Life Gets in the Way

No matter where I go, inevitably I run into someone who is doing something but would rather be doing something else. I read one person’s description of that as the “yes-but” syndrome. Judging by how many unhappy faces I see in the cars sitting in traffic jams on the interstate in Orlando, I’d say it’s […]

Nothing to Fear… Yeah, Right!

By far the greatest obstacle that kept me tethered to my miserable past was the fear of moving forward. As I stepped out, my gut would churn and my hands would shake. Then, just like a turtle who stuck his neck out, I’d retreat back into my shell. Fear is healthy. We’re designed to fear. […]

Don’t Despise Small Beginnings

I have an entrepreneur’s heart. I’m also easily bored. Once I’ve learned a skill or gotten something going, I’m ready to move on to the next thing. That’s why I’m a life coach. I get to help others start new things. It satisfies my need for change while helping others find their true north. I’ve […]

You Can’t Get There From Here

Monday morning after staying up late watching the Super Bowl, I had to travel to downtown Orlando. I listened to the traffic report and the most direct route, Interstate 4, was its usual Monday morning parking lot. I chose the next best option. Nothing doing. I knew the fastest route was the toll roads and normally […]

Today, I Choose to Be Trustworthy

In today’s world this may seem the most difficult to manage, let alone master. Athletes are being stripped of titles for cheating. Skeletons are coming out of the closets of even the most revered leaders in modern history. It’s appalling, and depressing. But it doesn’t have to be the case with you. You can make […]