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Thirty Seconds to Live

While on my six day bus trip into the wild, wild west, I met Clara. She was a runner who had spent years under the fist of an abusive husband. A broken jaw and two missing teeth were the final straw and the catalyst that caused her to flee.  I sat in silence as she […]

Six Days…

I bet you’ve been wondering where I’ve been this last week. Well, I slept for forty-eight straight hours. Why? Because I was up and traveling across the country for six days without any sleep. I left Florida, crossed two states and did something I had not done since 1971. I boarded a bus heading west. […]

Blending into Nothing

Yesterday was a dreary day where I am. Clouds and drizzly rain with the temperatures in the upper 60’s were hardly the perfect photo op for a postcard. So I walked three miles to a local bagel place, pulled out my I-pad mini and got lost in a book. After a while I noticed that […]

Quest for Freedom

On Saturday, I rode Dakota to a nearby eatery and met one of my favorite people in the world: Jane Young Hill. We embraced in a long awaited reunion and grabbed a table outside. Not only was the weather breathtaking, but it was much more quiet than inside the restaurant. We caught up on each […]

When the Storm Rages

Yesterday I spent the day in downtown Henderson, Kentucky with a new friend I just met. Debie Michael and I made arrangements to meet and spend the day together. We only met two weeks ago and saw each other for the second time on Sunday at church. She invited me to be part of a […]

It’s Not About the Bike

Since I began this Road to Freedom Bicycle Tour across America, I’ve said that it’s not about the bike. It’s about getting into the lives and hearts of the women who I come in contact with day after day whose lives are changed. They have been liberated, healed and have gained courage to face their […]

You Just Never Know

Today I did not feel comfortable continuing my northerly trek. I’d emailed a couple with warmshowers.org the night before. They were about fifty miles to the east.  About 7am yesterday morning, I got a call from them inviting me to spend the night at their home. I gladly accepted, knowing it would be a horrendous […]

It Doesn’t Take a Stage to Have a Platform

After a somewhat disappointing delayed departure by one day, Dakota and I took to the roads again yesterday. It felt really good to feel the wheels under my feet again. Though I had constant rolling hills, none were very steep and I was able to clip along at an average of 17mph. Not too bad […]

A Cry in the Night: My Story of Violent Attack and Overcoming PTSD

November 5, 1984 was just like any other late fall day in North Florida but for me, it changed my life forever. I’d just been out of the hospital or four months from being seriously injured in the car accident that ended my law enforcement career. I was on my way to a sign language […]

Such an Outpouring!

On Saturday, I made a special announcement on my blog. If you missed it, check it out here. I am days away from departing on a solo, cross country bicycle tour to help women who suffer from PTSD.  Before Saturday, I had only shared my plans with 12 people who I could trust to support […]