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Your Life in an Hour

Remember Helga, the German lady I wrote about in my Bride # 497  blog post? I had privilege of seeing her again yesterday. I could tell she was a bit down, and lonely. I settled into a chair across the table from her as she reached into her memory and began to pull out stories. […]

Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

When I announced last Saturday on my blog that I’m riding cross country on my bicycle, two things immediately happened. My inbox filled with well wishes, kudos and stories from women who suffer from PTSD and other anxiety. And, I was bombarded with an endless array of questions. It seems most folks don’t know someone […]

[Podcast] Episode 6: What to Do When Life Doesn’t Go According to Plan with Beth K. Vogt

 In today’s episode, I interview novelist Beth K. Vogt.  Her second novel, Catch a Falling Star,  hit the bookstore shelves yesterday. She candidly shares about life’s story question, “What do you do when life doesn’t go according to plan?”   You can also see an interview I did with Beth on May 1, 2012, the day her […]

The Missing Piece

Ever worked putting together a crossword puzzle, only to get to the very end and find there’s a missing piece? Somehow, no matter how wonderful the portrait in the puzzle is, your eyes are drawn like magnets to the hole that makes things incomplete. My clients, dreaming men and women, come to me wanting to […]

Five Immediate Ways to Live Out Loud!

There are those who limp through life with no real direction or sense of fulfillment. You can look at them and tell they are just not happy. In fact, they’re downright miserable and seem to want to pull everyone in their midst down into their pity pit with them. Then there are those individuals who […]

Dreams Really Do Come True: Beth K. Vogt’s Debut Novel Releases!

I sat in Barnes and Noble café with the coaching staff of My Book Therapy, preparing for our Monday night member chat. Suddenly, those in the café and all around the store erupted in applause. Award winning author, Rachel Hauck, brought Beth a copy of her debut novel from the shelves. It was a precious […]

The Opportunity of Hope

Have you ever gone though a dark period in your life wondering where your hope was hiding? It seems like all the forces of evil, darkness, despair and the IRS (no offense Uncle Sam! No matter what Mother Nature says, I don’t think your beard makes you look old at all!) are out to destroy […]

The Truth About Living Your Dream

Freedigitalphotos.net/davidcastillodominici I talk to people all the time who pine for something they think will completely change their lives. They devour book after book on how to strike it rich or accidently become a millionaire while working three hours a week.   If that’s you, please step away from the lies. The truth is, just […]

Why Not Do What You’d Love to Do?

  I know there is something inside you that you would do…if things were different. You keep the dream tucked inside you and rationalize that you’ll pull it out, maybe when the kids are grown. Or when things slow down at work and you’re not dead-dog tired when you drag yourself home at the end […]

Change is Good; You Go First!

I’m one of those strange individuals who enjoys change, most likely because I am very easily bored. I quickly tire of one thing and am eager to move on to the next great adventure. That being said, I’m not always comfortable with the process of transitioning from one thing to the other. In fact, I’ve […]