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Live Like an Apple Tree

While in Tennessee on the Road to Freedom Tour, I met the AMAZING Jeff York. You can read about him and his story here. As he stood propped up against his desk, he said he didn’t know much about trees. If he walked out through the forest, he’d be hard pressed to identify one tree […]

Things are Black and White?

Yesterday I spent the day in the park in downtown Henderson, KY. It’s a great place to prop my leg up… and to meet the local people. It was cool and sunny. I simply could not resist. After lunch, I moseyed back to the gazebo and met a very interesting character. Pertis Cosby (no relation […]

Today, Trust in the Nature of YOU

One morning I sat on my deck overlooking the lake as central Florida woke up to a Sunday. I watched as a lily white whooping crane spread his massive wings, fly out over the water and bring back a little fish. It was comical how it slithered down his narrow throat. A white ibis rooted […]

[Podcast]: Episode 004: The Power of One; How Being Authentically YOU Will Change the World

Today I am trilled to release my new E-Book: The Power of ONE: How  Being Authentically YOU Will Change the World I’m providing it for you absolutely as my treat. Click here to get your complimentary copy:   Look for the request box on the right side of the page. It looks like this:   […]

The Entrepreneur’s Foundation: Integrity

Call me crazy but I have a love affair with Amazon. I absolutely love how they remember what I’ve bought, what I’ve reported to them that I already own and then suggest other books and products that I might enjoy. Saves me a ton of time when I need to learn more. Yesterday I was […]

The Entrepreneur in Me

I have a confession to make. The thought of being a sole proprietor used to terrorize me into absolute paralysis. It’s true. The only childhood experience I had with entrepreneurship ended dismally with my parents in bankruptcy court.  My family lived on a cash basis from that day forward. When I grew old enough to […]

The Most Valuable Thing: YOU!

I’m truly amazed when I meet people who don’t know or understand their value and worth. When I look at people, I see 10’s on each one of their heads. I see bright, shiny objects with priceless value. Trouble is, most people don’t see that when they look at themselves in the mirror. It’s sad […]

My Amazing Photo Shoot

I recently had an outdoor photo shoot. It was so much fun. Honestly, the only other professional photo shoot I’ve ever had was when I was a missionary clown. The highly recommended photographer took me to a lit studio room with a black background, pointed the camera at me and said, “Well, act like a […]

And How Would You Like to Pay For That?

The phone message came and I was surprised to hear that I had been nominated for induction into a very prestigious organization for professional women. Someone had anonymously nominated me to be named among the most influential women on the face of the planet. They wanted an interview by phone to determine if I really […]