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Defenders of Freedom

I left under the cover of darkness in the vastness of South Dakota. I drove 52 miles without seeing a single light of any kind. It rained the day and night before and the higher I climbed, the lower the temperature dropped. When it reached 29 degrees, I stopped my truck right on the road. […]

Hussain’s Heartbreak

I hurried into a truck stop to grab some fruit. My intent was to get back on the road with lightning speed. I had a full driving day and I couldn’t afford to take time out to play. I passed a man wearing a turban, obviously another trucker so I spoke.  He stopped dead in […]

Days Gone By

At the back of an inconspicuous building in industrial Greenville, SC, history sits silent, slowly rusting in the elements. Deep within the corridors of the once vibrant passenger train cars, the voices of the past call out, longing for days gone by. Train cars of yesteryear transported countless people and their dreams to cities all over […]

A Soldier and His Dog

Sitting at a traffic light on an overpass, I was grateful to have risen above the heavy traffic I’d fought since leaving Charlotte. As I gazed mindlessly at the cars, trucks and general nothingness that one sees when their mind has numbed from hours on the road, my eyes locked on a man sitting to […]

Salute Our Veterans

Yesterday after church, I could not help but walk out in into the colors of autumn. Brilliant hues shown vibrant against a cobalt blue sky. The warm rays of a brilliant sun mixed with the nip in the air. It was a perfect fall day.

I meandered for hours though mounds of leaves, strolled down empty sidewalks of a sleepy town before making my way to the Veteran’s Memorial on Main Street. I waded through over 4,000 American flags neatly placed in rows on each side of the sidewalk. They blew in the autumn breeze honoring those who sacrificed their own hopes and dreams to fight battles to give me the freedom to enjoy a Sunday afternoon.

Tribute to the American Spirit

It began with a desire to be free. To pursue life, liberty and happiness. All over what would one day become America, men and women reached deep and made the decision to live free or die fighting for it. They made their intentions known as they declared their independence. Thousands of men went into battle, […]

Home of the Brave

I grew up in the south with a very deep patriotic conviction. I grew up singing the National Anthem and America the Beautiful. I am so appreciative of the men and women who put their lives on the line every day so I can pillow my head each night in freedom.  I still stand anywhere […]