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Not Without Your Consent

Posted January 27, 2014 By Reba J. Hoffman, Ph.D.

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent“~Eleanor Roosevelt

It happens every day. Someone says something or reacts to your brilliance in a, well, less than total acceptance and support boredomresponse. And there you are, on a downward spiral into the depths of despair and depression. They’re so much wiser than we are.  I’m

That’s so true. Umm, right. I’m putting that statement in a blog post which goes out on the internet and EVERYBODY knows they can’t put anything on the internet that isn’t true. Or at least you’d think that by the way you just accept and are completely controlled by what others think of you. 

You melt into some inferior, subservient role and are perfectly content with being perfectly miserable under the influence of those who refuse their purpose, aren’t pursuing a dream, and don’t like their own life. 

Here’s the thing. The former First Lady had it absolutely right. Short of cutting out someone’s tongue and gagging them, you have no control over what comes out of a person’s mouth. Their words can be biting, cruel and contain not a shred of truth… or even worse, be spot on. But they cannot have any control over you without your permission.

How much control, if any, those words have over your life and dream is totally and completely up to you and you along. Isn’t that amazing? Not to mention empowering, energizing and a whole lot of fun. It’s like how Wonder Woman must have felt when people shot at her and she held up her wrist bands to deflect the bullets. 

Look, people are people and they are going to say things. After all, they feel compelled to find some sort of use for that tongue God gave them. And, because they’re human, many times they’ll use that wet, slimy thing and the vocabulary they possess to cut you down to size. But, just like before you go under a surgeon’s knife, they must have your consent. Otherwise, they just stand there wielding a sharp bladed scalpel looking pretty goofy.

Great Attitude Girl

Don’t give them your control. You be who God created you to be. You are no better or worse than anyone else. When others try to make you feel inferior, it’s because they feel that way. The only way they can make themselves look bigger in their eyes is to make you seem inferior.

Don’t fall for that trap. You are an amazingly gifted man or woman of purpose. The world needs you just the way you are. When someone tries to make you feel inferior, reject the package. Keep moving onward and upward toward the goal. 

Have you ever given someone permission to make you feel inferior? Did you stop it? Share it here.


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Reflection Saturday: Worth

Posted January 11, 2014 By Reba J. Hoffman, Ph.D.

Sunlight Shining Through Forest

No matter what you may have been led to believe, the truth is that your are

a person of immense value and worth. 

Believe it.  

Embrace it and you will change the world!

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