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Today’s podcast is about, well, podcasting. As you’ll hear, I wasn’t always such a raving fan of podcasting. I’m a bit resistant when it comes to new technology but once I finally realized the huge benefit of podcasting, I jumped in with both feet.


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Don’t Do Social Media

Posted May 2, 2013 By Reba J. Hoffman, Ph.D.

Baby Using ComputerWhen I was first told I needed to get into social media, I balked. I mean, why would anyone want to read about the fact that I got up this morning and put my contact lenses in and let the dog lick me in the mouth, or that I prefer movie theaters where I’m in charge of putting my own butter on my popcorn?

Useless, wasteful jibber-jabber. The only saving grace was that Twitter only allowed 160 characters of it. 

I fought the whole social media as a marketing tool for a long time. And with good reason. Even in a short quip, no one wants to be sold. All those companies who once spent millions to “sell” you in TV commercials have now hired social media marketers who bombard your feeds with why you should buy from them.

But, just like the interruption TV marketing, they’ve got it all wrong. As an entrepreneur, a writer, or a business owner, you shouldn’t Big Sale sign in red over white backgroundtry to sell them at all. You should try to build a relationship with them. If they like you, they’ll buy from you.  When they know and  trust you, they’ll recommend you and your books, products or services. 

Social Media is not a business task you check off your “to-do” list. If you treat it that way, those who  follow you will see right through that and will soon un-follow you. If you built up a degree of trust, you’ll quickly lose it and, once you do, it’s almost impossible to get it back.

That’s why I tell everyone; DON’T DO SOCIAL MEDIA!!!!

The key is to CONNECT with them. Learn about them. What challenges do they have? Why are they pursuing what they do? If you’re a writer, how do your readers feel? What’s going on in their world? 

Friends Photographing ThemselvesWhy do you care? Because if you don’t care, you’re doing the wrong thing with the wrong people. If you’re a writer and don’t give a hoot about those who pick up your books, do the world a favor and become a hermit. If you are a women’s coach and you don’t feel anything when they tell you about their fear, look for another profession as quickly as you can.

Technology is GREAT, but as human beings, we long for and deserve connection, not to be bombarded with sales tactics through the free medium of social media platforms. I learned this valuable lesson from my good friend, Edie Melson, author of the new book: Connections.  In fact, I feel so strongly about this message, I’m interviewing her tonight at the My Book Therapy Open House.

If you want to learn how you DON’T DO SOCIAL MEDIA, you really should come to this one hour event. I’ve learned so much from Connections CoverEdie about how to connect with friends around the world, I was transformed from a “I hate and will never do social media ever!” to a lover of connecting with those who want to make a difference in this world. 

It’s free and open to everyone, but particularly for writers and those with a dream of being a published novelist. 

Tonight: 8pmEDT:

I urge you to come and learn how to connect so you can also say: DON’T DO SOCIAL MEDIA!

Have you been marketed by companies on social media? Have you felt like doing social media would make you a cheesy cutthroat who sells knockoffs out of the trunk of your car? Share it here!



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