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Posted November 22, 2013 By Reba J. Hoffman, Ph.D.

All week long I’ve been driving around town to meetings, to Barnes and Noble and on errands. It was a radical departure from my walk-everywhere-I-went recently. And I have to say, I don’t like it. 

Little Girl on Road

Since I was tall enough to reach pedals in a vehicle, I’ve been driving. And before that, I sat in someone’s lap. In the country and on a ranch, driving is as natural a part of a child’s existence as eating. I’m skilled behind the wheel. And I love to drive. But yesterday it saddened me.

Since I took to walking around, life has been overwhelmingly simplified. There’s no tension in traffic, no watching for other motorists doing something really stupid. No one honks at me when the light turns green and things are just slower.

Heavy Freeway Traffic

When I was a kid, I walked everywhere. To the store to buy candy when I got a dime. To my friend’s house to play cowboys and indians. To school and then back home again. Interestingly, in addition to being in great shape as a child, I was also in touch with myself. I had time to think on those long walks back and forth. 

In today’s world–at least in my part of the world–people think it’s odd when they see someone riding on a shanks pony. That’s what we call it when someone walks. They think we’re upset or in trouble. They want to stop and help, to smooth things over and help us to feel better. 

Family Running Together

The joy and simplicity of walking has been edged out by horsepower and expressway systems. The hurry-up-and-wait mentality has grabbed us by the neck and is choking out our true freedom, peace and the simple life we were created to live.

It’s not complicated. 

Today, my preferred mode of transportation is my own legs, one in front of the other under their own power. I walk (or run) so many miles every day. I’ve reacquainted myself with the little girl of my youth. I’ve reunited with a slower paced existence and caused my heart to sing in gratitude. 

Road Through Forest

I suppose I’ll have to jump in the car and drive someplace. It’s inevitable,  but whenever I have the choice, I will choose hoofing it. What a joy it is to slow down and enjoy life the way God intended. I urge you to do that, too!

Have you taken time to slow down or simplify your life recently? If so, how did you feel? Share it here!

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