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Special New Year’s Post: Expand!

Posted December 29, 2014 By Reba J. Hoffman, Ph.D.

I recently heard a story about golfing great Arnold Palmer. I do not know whether it is fact or fiction but the story’s message ignited something within me that I felt so compelled to share with each of you, my loyal readers and followers. The story goes like this:

Arnold was invited by the king of Saudi Arabia to play in a tournament his royal highness was hosting. When Arnold agreed, the king sent his private jet and flew the golf legend to his country. After several days of play, the king approached Palmer and expressed his gratitude to him for coming and wanted to give him a gift. “Anything you wish”, the king offered.

Arnold declined the gift, saying he’d been such a gracious host, that would be enough. The king was so insistent, Palmer knew he would have to accept something. Since he was a collector of golf clubs, he asked for one. He returned home and as he waited, he imagined what a golf club that came from the king would look like. Maybe it would be solid gold or perhaps be studded with diamonds and other precious stones.

One day he received a certified letter from the king. Arnold signed for the letter and opened it. To his utter amazement he found the deed to a golf club. The king had purchased and entire golf country club and gave it to Arnold as a gift.

Though I have no way of knowing whether the story is true or not, it’s truth cannot be denied. Many times I’m guilty of thinking too small… dreaming to finite… trying to live life within the confines of my limited vision. Riding my bicycle around America on the Road to Freedom Tour in 2013 showed me I don’t have the capacity to dream visions big enough. Around each curve, over each hill a blessing immeasurable awaited me. That truth expanded when I began my new adventure of being an over-the-road truck driver in the summer.

You may be thinking you’d never do either one of those. Doesn’t matter. There is a destiny you were created for. It is so big, you cannot phathom it, conceive of it, or even dream it fully. But you can expand your thinking. You can enlarge the camp of your vision and move in a greater direction than you have been. 

In these last two years, I have grown more, experienced more, been challenged and stretched to a greater measure and been blessed more than in all my other years combined. I have definitely expanded, but I’m not stopping there. I need to enlarge my thinking and dream bigger. So do you.

As you put the period at the end of 2014 and usher in a brand new year that is yet a blank sheet of paper, I urge you to expand. Tear down the walls of your limited vision and let yourself out of your box. Be all you were destined to be. Take your rightful place!

The world needs you. What’s more, your dream is too important to remain unlived.

Happy New Year of being the best you can be!


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