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Tuesdays at Tiffany’s

Posted October 23, 2013 By Reba J. Hoffman, Ph.D.

Okay, first of all, I didn’t leave Florida like my last blog post suggests. Here’s why. Dakota needed some adjustments and I wasn’t comfortable hitting the road until some things had been checked out. That took up most of the morning and into the early afternoon.

Making Adjustments on the Trail.

Making Adjustments on the Trail.

Then, I got a weather report that a very strong line of thunderstorms was moving across Florida and Georgia today. I would have ridden right into them. So, I delayed my departure by a couple of days. I’ll be rolling out at daybreak on Thursday morning.

Yesterday, I walked three miles down to three different stores trying to find packets of red beans and rice, a staple of my cook-on-the road diet. None had it. So, I decided to run into a local hangout for one last round of chips and salsa. There’s where I saw Tiffany.

The Geese Have Come South For the Winter

The Geese Have Come South For the Winter

We’d met before. She was my waitress a couple of times when I’d gone in for my favorite snack. Today I told her I would not be seeing her again since I was leaving on Thursday. I told her about Road to Freedom Tour and she hung on every word I spoke. Then came those words I’ve come to expect:

It Happened to Me

Tiffany was married to a man who beat her.  She would go to work and out in public making excuses and inventing stories about how she sustained her injuries. Finally, after he broke her hand, she mustered the courage to walk away. 

Can You See the Goodyear Blimp Just Above the Tree Line? Their Motor Makes a Really Weird Noise

Can You See the Goodyear Blimp Just Above the Tree Line? It’s Motor Makes a Really Weird Noise

To look at Tiffany today, you would never suspect she was ever a victim. Truly, today she is anything but a victim. She put her life back together and shine with a radiance and elegance of a fine Tiffany Lamp… albeit in many different colors.

I told Tiffany it took an amazing amount of courage to do what she did and yet, she reached deep within and found a way to do what she needed to do: get away from her abusive husband. As a result of that, no matter what she faces in life, she will be able to face it.

Tiffany is a shining example of how possible it is to overcome abuse. Women don’t have to live in that situation. There is hope and there is a way out to a wonderful life. 


I didn’t find beans and rice packets but this is better anyway! 🙂

Tiffany spoke of trust. It’s difficult to trust after someone has abused them. Regardless of any situation, God has dealt to every man a measure of faith. Trust, on the other hand, must always be earned. But you can trust again, when the person is trustworthy. 

I so appreciate Tiffany, her spirit, spunk and desire to move forward with life. I want that for every woman who has been the victim of abuse or assault. Find the courage to take your life back from my Tuesdays at Tiffany’s.


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