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Tribute to a Pioneer

Posted May 13, 2015 By Reba J. Hoffman, Ph.D.

In Sacramento, a single mom rose early in the morning, got kids off to school and then went to school herself. Not just any school, Dee Sova was learning to drive a truck. It was a day and time twenty five years ago that women just didn’t do that. Yet, Dee recognized it was a great way to provide for her family and was willing to endure the criticism and ridicule to make a better life for her family.

Defying the odds, this lady became a Class A CDL truck driver and has continued blazing the trail for other women for more than a quarter century. At the pinnacle of her success, tragedy struck in the worst possible way for a mom… and for a commercial driver. Her daughter was struck and killed by a drunk driver right in front of her high school. 

Suffering an insurmountable loss, Dee continued to forge ahead, only now with another commit to help spread the word about drunk driving and hopefully prevent such a needless tragedy for others. Through grief immeasurable, she pushed ahead, joining forces with Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). She took her pain and is turning it into gain. 

Dee mentors women who are truckers and those who want to be. In fact, she is responsible for me making the final decision to become a trucker babe. She is the real deal and poured into me, a total stranger, in such a way I felt safe entering the strange and foreign world called trucking.

She gives every ounce of energy she has for others. And she helps others endure the horrific pain of losing a child, something so unnatural that no parent should have to go through it. Dee has partnered with her company, Swift, to raise awareness and funds to be able to continue the great ministry of MADD. This giver is asking for our help. Swift is matching funds she raises dollar for dollar. This will make available the help for others at a time they need it the most–when they are suffering through the senseless loss of a child because someone was so irresponsible, they consumed alcohol and got behind the wheel of an automobile.

My prayer for each of you reading this is that you never suffer the way Dee and so many others have when they get that dreaded call telling you your child was killed by a drunk driver. Unfortunately in our country, it happens every day. There is an army of mothers like Dee who stand at the ready to help during that moment and the emotional maze that follows. 

If you are able to contribute to Dee’s MADD team in any way, it would go twice as far to keep this needed ministry going. I did donate and count it a privilege to partner with her in this way. I’ve never done this before on my blog but this is one cause I hope we all support and never need.

Thank you, Dee, for being my truck driving mom. Thank you for sowing into my life in such a powerful way. Thank you for allowing me to give back to you in such a tangible way.

If you would like to read Dee’s story and make a contribution of any size, click here.

Through it all, Dee and thousands of moms like her are truly the heartbeat of America.

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