Below is a current listing of books I’ve published.


Facing Fear Cover FINAL 6-9-13Facing Fear and Finding Freedom

Everyone faces fear but when it keeps you from living your dream, fear can be devastating. But what if you could harness that fear and use its energy to propel you forward? You can.

In just thirty pages, you’ll learn what fear is, and isn’t. You’ll be able to put fear in its place once and for all. It will never have control over your life again. 

This is a must read for women entrepreneurs, authors, and anyone with big dreams and a lot of fear.

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What Readers are Saying:

I purchased this book last night and read it through in one sitting. Why? Because as an owner of a new business fear was stopping me. Reading this book made me realize the my fear isn’t going to go away but my approach to it can change. I can harness it and use it rather than letting it stop me in my tracks. I woke up this morning ready to tackle the challenges we face instead of wanting to pull the covers up over my head. Great book for understanding and learning to work with fear. ~Suze Sparkle



Dare to Dream CoverDare to Dream

Do you dream of being a writer? This 30 day inspirational journal will guide you step by step to finding and pursing your writing dreams. “This is the one book you need to move from dreaming, to doing. With quotes, devotionals and life-questions to apply the teaching to your heard, these thirty days of inspiration will challenge you not only to dare to dream…but dare to do.” Susan May Warren, Best-selling Novelists and Founder, My Book Therapy.

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