My BIG Announcement: Road to Freedom 2.0!

I’ve been silent for a couple of months, but with good reason.  It’s been a long and winding road but I’m happy to announce that Road to Freedom 2.0 has begun. I have the privilege of combining two things I dearly love: to help others and to drive. 


Big Sky Wyoming

Big Sky Wyoming

On my birthday in June, I said goodbye to Appalachia and my new friends there and set off on my new journey. I’ve spent the last six weeks traveling to eighteen states from Northeast Maine to Idaho. I saw the sun set over the wheat fields of Illinois, the corn fields of Iowa and the buttes of Wyoming and Utah. I’ve met hundreds of amazing people all across this land we call America.

Last Friday on a foggy morning in middle America, my new adventure was sealed when I took and passed my road test to earn my Commercial Driver License. Now I get to help thousands of people I meet all around our nation while living a lifetime dream: driving a big rig. 

Behind the Wheel

In my new office

Road to Freedom 2.0 has begun, only now rather than covering one state in five days, I’ll be able to cover five states in one day. I’ll be able to spread the message of hope faster, farther and with more power than I did last year. I’ve already been able to help so many people find hope and the courage to pursue their dreams. 

You all have been so faithful and supportive of the Road to Freedom Tour. You would honor me by coming along with me on this new and exciting journey as the tour continues. Last year I learned that the heartbeat of America is alive and well. Last month I discovered how critical it is to live your dream and follow your heart wherever it leads. My heart led me to the heartland of America and to the driver’s seat of an eighteen wheeler.


At school on the driving range.

At school on the driving range.

Thank you all so much for following, supporting and taking the Road to Freedom Tour with me. As 2.0 begins,  I look forward to our continued journey together.  I hope you’ll continue to follow this incredible and fun trip as I explore America, meet so many people, help others live their dreams and overcome whatever obstacles stand in their way.

Also, if you or anyone you know has a desire to be an over-the-road truck driver, please email me privately at I’ll get you connected with an amazing opportunity with an outstanding company! Be sure to put something in the subject line like “Need Trucking Information” so I’ll be sure to respond promptly.

So, what is your dream? What have you thought of doing with your life that you just haven’t yet done? Share it here!