Live Like an Apple Tree

While in Tennessee on the Road to Freedom Tour, I met the AMAZING Jeff York. You can read about him and his story here. As he stood propped up against his desk, he said he didn’t know much about trees. If he walked out through the forest, he’d be hard pressed to identify one tree or another by its trunk.

On the other hand, if he passed one and apples hung off the branches, he’d know immediately that it was an apple tree. He’d recognize it by the fruit.

Did  know that most people spend the majority of their day and energy trying to convince others they are NOT something rather than just being who they are? It’s true.

When I hear or witness that, I always think of an apple tree. I imagine that tree frantically running around the orchard and the forest trying to convince all the other plants and people it’s not a rose bush.

I imagine how tragic it would be come harvest time in the mountains of Appalachia if all the apple trees had done that same thing. We’d have no apples, no apple cider or apple butter. No apple pie. That’s un-American!

Thankfully, the apple tree doesn’t do that. Instead, it spends all its days, nights, energy and resources just being who it is, and doing what it was created to do: be an apple tree.

It doesn’t try to convince anyone it’s not a rose bush. It just lives as an apple tree.

It doesn’t try to be a rose bush. It just works at being an apple tree.

Pretty soon, the fruit shows up and no one has to wonder whether it’s a rose bush, or even an orange tree. Apple trees don’t talk. They can’t shout and tell everyone it’s an apple tree and yet, everyone knows. Why? Well, the big, fat, juicy apples hanging off the branches are enough of a clue that anyone would get it.

Here are just a few things I learned from the apple tree:


  • It didn’t have to convince anyone of who it was. It just had to be itself. The fruit speaks for itself.


  • It didn’t have to try to NOT be something else. It didn’t put forth a second’s effort trying to NOT be a pecan tree.


  • What’s on the inside will one day be on the outside for everyone to see. It’s no secret. It is what it is and that fruit will one day announce the apple tree’s identity to the world.

Look, please don’t waste another moment convincing the world of who you are… or aren’t. Instead, spend the time just BEING who you are and let your fruit speak for itself.

Live like the apple tree. The world will get it… and appreciate it. I promise.

Has that happened to you? Have you tried to convince others that you’re NOT something rather than just being who you are? Share it here!


While I'm sure I have tried to convince people I'm something I'm not, I'm not admitting it. :-) I will admit this was the theme of the book I just finished working on and my hero learned these lessons the hard way. Great post!