Only the Strong Survive, But Who is Strong?

You’ve heard it just like I have… that old saying, only the strong survive. You’ve seen it play out in the episodes of National Geographic as the more powerful animal overtakes and conquers the weaker or perhaps wounded one.

With that in your emotional hip pocket, during those moments when you feel especially vulnerable, know what happens? You feel you’re doomed. When you’re beat up, beat down and in the middle of an immense battle, you feel anything but strong. And, naturally, your emotions tell you the lion is about to devour you.

But there’s just one tiny little omission your emotion is guilty of. And leaving out that one truth makes all the difference. You see, the TRUTH is:

1) Greater is He that is in You than he that is in the world.

2) His strength is perfected in your weakness. Therefore, when you are weak, HE is strong. Therefore, your strength is perfected.

3) You can do ALL things through Christ, which strengthens you.

Just a little thing your emotions—or the circumstance—forgot to mention when it made you feel you’re being overtaken by the lion.

Look, the truth is that even on our best days, we’re not strong enough to carry the whole world on our shoulders. We can’t even support our little portion of the world. So if we use that as our frame of reference, we’ll always conclude we’re peep squeaks.

While that’s true, it’s not the truth and there’s a huge difference between those things that are true and that which is truth. The truth is YOU ARE AMAZINGLY STRONG through Christ whose strength is made perfect in you.

It is true that only the strong survive. Oh, I suppose a weak on will slip through in the underbrush and avoid being eaten for dinner, at least for a while but eventually, a lion or bear will lick their chops and dig in for a feast.

But the truth is no weapon formed against you will prosper. The truth is you are weak but He who lives in you is strong, mighty and able to easily withstand any and every foe.

Big difference, huh?!

You may be feeling pretty weak right now. Life has been beating you up. You’re weary from the battle. You think you couldn’t lift a wet noodle off the counter. And you may be feeling pretty badly about feeling pretty bad.

Well, I just have two words: STOP IT!


You are STRONG in Christ. Embrace His strength and use it to your advantage like firefighters use the hydraulic strength in the jaws of life to rescue someone from a mangled car after an accident. Do you honestly think they care that it’s not their own strength? Nope.

Hook onto Christ’s jaws of life and use His strength to get you out of your circumstance.

You are strong! Remember that today!

How strong—or weak—do you feel today? Share it here!