How I Lost 75 Pounds in Seven Months, Part Two

In yesterday’s post, I shared the first thing I did to lose seventy-five pounds: significantly reduced the stress in my life. Eliminating the major stresser and simplifying my life were critical, yet surprisingly easy to accomplish once I set my heart on doing them.

The second thing I did was I set my body in motion. I know what you’re thinking. I set off on a long bicycle ride across the country and you could never do that. I wholeheartedly agree. That’s not the point. The point is I got moving.

Our bodies are divinely designed for motion. Yet, mine was rusting as I plopped into the recliner chair at night for hours without so much as a thought of moving. Just as the railway cars do once they are sentenced to sit in the train cemeteries, I was rotting right where I was.

My joints were freezing up, my muscles were tightening up and I was shriveling up. With each motionless day that passed, my body was growing weaker. It was out of its element.

Personally, I decided to take a long bicycle ride. Most people can’t do that but they can move. They can go for a walk. They can sit on the couch and curl a can of peas. They can move their joints in a pool or hot tub of water.

When I set out on my bike after being away from it for so long, it was painful. I was also in the mountains loaded down with fifty pounds of gear and horribly out of shape. I was so tired by the end of the day, I did what we women do: I cried.

I wouldn’t recommend you do that but I urge you to get moving. Find something you enjoy doing and just do it. I have a friend who loves to garden. Super! Get out there Geneva Green Thumb! I have another friend who loves to go bowling. Outstanding! Get that ball rolling Barbara Bowler!

The point is, get your body moving. You may have been in sedentary for so long, your body doesn’t want to move. You might have to force it a little. I’m not suggesting you injure yourself. In fact, that would be harmful to achieving your goals.

What I am pointing out is that your body will initially work against you. It doesn’t want to move. It’s like the lazy hound dog on a hot summer day that’s been snoozing on the porch for hours. It just doesn’t want to move.

But, just as you have to kick Rover and get him off the porch, you must make yourself move. Deliberate motion in some direction every day will make all the difference in the world.

As soon as my body recovered from the shock of being back in motion, it once again became a well-oiled machine. My metabolism soared and before long, the weight just simply began to drop. Today, I have seventy-five fewer pounds to haul around with me as my body moves.

I can honestly say my body is responding better today than it did when I was twenty. I’ve never felt better. I have more energy, more stamina, and more zest for life than I’ve ever had. And, I’m loving it!

So, get those doggies moving!

How often do you get in motion? Do you engage in deliberate movement every day? Share it here!


Truly hoping to get back to exercising in March!